Micro Piezoelectric Pump-MAC20

The pump is a pneumatic pump driven by piezoelectric ceramics. Its structure is compact, thin and portable. It works quietly and has high output pressure.

  • Smaller volume
  • Thinner thickness, excellent performance
  • Configuration of passive vent valve

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Advanced Manufacturer of Your Micropump

We are Witu Fluid Technology. We are a manufacturer and supplier of high quality piezoelectric actuators and piezoelectric components.

It is located in Changzhou science and education city. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production, sale and service of piezoelectric fluid devices. While providing the best quality products, it provides users with professional technical services and the best solution.

The company's products are based on the research results of six national 863 projects, eleven projects funded by National Science and Nature Fund and Innovation Fund, and possess completely independent intellectual property rights. Since 1993, with strong technical strength, the development of micro-pump and micro-valve technology has been continuously promoted. At present, it has become an enterprise capable of mass production of micro-pump and micro-valve.

Today, regardless of life sciences, medical devices, food technology, aerospace, fine chemicals, consumer electronics and other fields, Weitu's products are widely used, making Weitu become a partner of many high-tech enterprises and famous laboratories.

Advantages and Patents

  • Fully independent intellectual property rights
  • Compact structure, thin and light
  • Quiet working and high output pressure

Product overview

The pump is a pneumatic pump driven by piezoelectric ceramics. Its structure is compact, thin and portable. It works quietly and has high output pressure.
Compared with conventional air pumps, this type of air pump has smaller volume and thinner thickness, and its size is only 21 mm X19 mm X3.4 mm (thickness direction does not contain gas nozzle size). Its performance is excellent, and it can achieve 40 kPa (@+25V) output pressure and 100 ml/min (@+10V) flow rate. Moreover, this type of air pump is equipped with a passive vent valve, which can automatically vent when the power supply stops driving.

Performance parameter

Project Characteristic parameter
driving voltage(VP-P)
Driving frequency(kHz) 21.5~23.5
Ambient temperature used(℃)
flow@20 VP-P(ml/min)
Output pressure@20 VP-P (kPa)
Deflating time(s)
Service life
More than 600 hours per 100,000 cycles of charging and discharging
Outline size(mm)
21x19x3.6(Nozzle height为4.45)
External connector
Customers are advised to weld by themselves
Installation mode
It is recommended that the fastener be fixed and that the radial seal be used at the air nozzle.

Product description

01. When KI is used as driving circuit, its voltage will not be less than 15 VP-P.

02. When used continuously, the optimal performance may not be maintained due to heat generation. Therefore, when using, please pay attention to the ambient temperature and heat dissipation conditions, to ensure that the temperature of the metal surface of the pump is not higher than 60 C, but also to avoid using under condensation conditions.

03. Conditions for testing the exhaust time: the volume of the gas storage tank is 300 cc, and the pressure is 260 mmHg 5mmHg.


Fig. 1: Introduction to appearance:

Fig. 2: Chart of performance:

Installation instructions and precautions

Matters needing attention:

- This type of miniature air pump is a device for sucking air. No sealing structure, no waterproof function, so it can not be directly washed with water (including any other solution);

- In the process of working, micro air pump will continuously suck air, so that pollutants and dust in the air will accumulate in the pump, which will affect the service life of the pump. Therefore, the micro air pump needs to be used in a clean environment, or install a pre-air filter to prevent foreign bodies from entering the pump (the use of filters can not completely inhibit the decline of pump performance);

- Do not use in the environment with smoke and dust; smoke and dust of tobacco, mosquito incense and other products will affect the life of micro air pump;

- Do not touch the pump body (including air nozzle, electrode pin, etc.) by hand.

- Do not bend the electrode pins.

- If there is foreign matter in the gas storage device connected with the micro-pump, it may block the vent holes during the process of the micro-pump's venting, thus causing the loss of performance of the vent valve. It is recommended to install filters or other devices on the connecting air path to prevent foreign bodies from entering the exhaust valve (the use of filters can not completely inhibit the deterioration of the performance of the exhaust valve).

Additional description

The following is an additional description of the miniature air pump: