Customized piezo actuator solutions based on your requirements

       Weitu Technologies develops and provides high quality piezoelectric actuators and piezoelectric components for medical technology, actuator technology, automotive engineering, consumer applications and precision motion technology.
      It can provide different shape, size and force of piezoelectric actuators and piezoelectric components to meet your engineering solutions and decades of experience in piezoelectric actuators, industrial ultrasonic sensors and piezoelectric components. It will make it easier for us to understand what your industry automation needs in your projects. We would be very proud if you were part of a customized automation solution. We are delighted to provide the most suitable solution for thousands of Engineering possibilities and are pleased to work closely with you.
      Weitu technology has been rooted in the research and development field of piezoelectric actuators for more than 20 years, and we will always pursue excellence. Weitu Technology will be your strong partner to promote business development.

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Fast Troubleshooting of Piezoelectric Actuator


  • 高品质压电执行器和压电元件的制造商和供应商
  • 多种可能性的定制解决方案
  • 为用户提供专业的技术服务
  • 目前已成为能够大批量生产微泵、微阀的企业
  • 有竞争力的价格和稳定的生产力
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Project Support
Project support
Our experienced support team will provide comprehensive and professional advice for your project.
R&D Support
R & D support
From prototype to batch order, we will give full support.
Strict QA System
Strict Quality Assurance
We strictly enforce complete control over every step of the manufacturing process.
Series Production
Series production
All piezoelectric actuator processes should be perfectly coordinated.
On-Time Delivery
On time delivery
Internal manufacturing ensures delivery of instant piezoelectric actuators.
Team Work
Team work
We check and adjust your project parameters in the calibration laboratory and work with your team.